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At QUALITY LEASHES LLC, we understand that every pet and pet parent is unique. That’s why we’ve created a collection of leashes, collars, and grooming loops that are comfortable, stylish, and durable.  We offer a mix of biothane and leather leashes, collars, and more. We even offer customization options so you can get the perfect product for your pet. Our mission is to ensure that your furry friends can always stay safe with the best Quality.

snaphook clpart_edited.jpg

Back-Up Clips 

  • Safety Snaphook


Biothane Collars

  • Designer Padded Collars

  • Puppy Marker Collars


Biothane Leashes

  • Hands-Free Slip Leads

  • Rope Slip Leads

  • Leashes with a Handle

tan leather leather double handle leash

Leather Leashes

  • Single Handle Leashes

  • Double Handle Leashes

  • Black or Tan


Grooming Loop

  • Grooming Loop Hook -up


  • Hats

  • Hoodies

  • T-Shirts

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Details for Customization:

  • color           

  • length

  • hardware

  • material

  • stitching     

  • stoppers

  • name imprint


Quality Leashes are handcrafted dog leashes and collars.  We lead the pack with quality brass and stainless steel hardware that will not rust or corrode.  We use only the best 100% genuine leather and vegan Biothane material to craft our leashes. Our vegan leashes come in a variety of designer colors: red, white, purple, green, and pink.

Asssorted Leashes

All Products

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